Dynatronix - periodic reverse and pulse rectifiers

Aldonex, Darrah, Dynapower (Rapid) - rectifiers, amp hour meters

Bethleham Lamp Recycling: Complete recycling of fluorescent bulbs and other mercury containing devices  

3M™Tarni-Shield™ Protectors – strips, patches and tabs to help inhibit tarnish or stain on metal parts, jewelry, and silverware

3M™Tarni-Shield™ Polish for silver or copper and brass protection.

Abanaki - skimmers for floating oil  
B & P Plating Supply - plating barrels, parts, danglers and accessories  
Leeson - fractional and small horsepower TEFC motors  
Metalline Chemical - detergent acid additives, nitric free brass bright dip, chromates, electopolishes  
Met- Chem - filter presses, clarifiers, sludge dryers, anode bags, filter & press cloths    
MASKING DEVICES - tapered plugs, pul-thru plugs, masking tapes and aids  
HPF - hexagonal polypropylene floats to reduce evaporation and save energy costs in heated tanks  



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